Principal Investigator


Gavin Price


I’m originally from South Africa, but grew up in the UK, where I completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at the University of York, and MSc in Cognitive Neuropsychology at UCL. I then moved to Finland where I completed a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, studying the neural bases of developmental dyscalculia, a specific math learning disability. I then moved to Canada for a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Western Ontario. In my free time I enjoy making pottery, watching football (‘soccer’), listening to music, collecting records, and racquet sports.


Email:; For CV: Click Here

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar

Andrew Lynn

I am a first-generation, queer, developmental cognitive neuroscientist. I attended Penn State University where I received my B.S. in Psychology and Neuroscience. After undergrad, I worked at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with Drs. Bea Luna and Kirsten O’Hearn studying the development of face processing in autism. I recently completed my Ph.D. at Brown University where I worked with Dr. Dima Amso studying the development of visual processing and visual attention across childhood. Aside from research, I’m a dog-lover, foodie, and yogi.

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Graduate Students

Benjamin N Conrad

I am a fourth-year student in the Neuroscience PhD program at Vanderbilt and a Nashville native. I received a B.S. in Pre-Graduate Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University in 2012, further exploring my passion for understanding the brain through minors in Neuroscience and Philosophy. In 2013, I joined the Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science as a research assistant, where I worked on a variety of neuroimaging projects looking at the functional and structural properties of both brain and spinal cord in healthy and diseased populations, including multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. As a member of the Numerical Brain Lab, I will be focusing on the neurobiological underpinnings of number processing as well as how these brain networks and representations mature in early school-age children. I am interested in applying advanced computational and imaging methods to tackle these questions. Outside of research, you may find me golfing, cooking, or most often, doing dad stuff with my daughters, three and ten years old!

Darren J Yeo

After obtaining a B.A. in psychology from the National University of Singapore and a PG.Dip.Ed. in primary education from Nanyang Technological University, I taught mathematics in an elementary school in Singapore for 3 years. I then pursued a M.Ed. in child studies at Vanderbilt with a focus on understanding the development of numerical and mathematical cognition using complementary behavioral and neuroimaging approaches. I am currently pursuing my interest in educational neuroscience within the Neuroscience Graduate Program at the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.


Since 2013, I have also been contributing to the revision of a major math textbook series used by many elementary schools in Singapore. In 2014, I was also involved in adapting and aligning a highly successful Singapore math series, Primary Mathematics, to the Common Core State Standards for use in schools in the US.

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Research Associate/Project Coordinator

Sarah Wiesen (Toy Wizard Extraordinaire)

I am from Northern Michigan and attended Notre Dame (Go Irish!) for my undergraduate degree, before coming to Vanderbilt for graduate school. Here, I worked in Amy Needham's Infant Learning Lab, while earning my PhD in Developmental Science. I graduated with my PhD in 2017 and worked at the Peabody Research Office before coming to NBL. 

I have two furbabies who have my heart: a husky and a golden retriever mix. Outside lab, you will find me staying cozy at home (watching HGTV!!) and hanging out with my dogs, taking them for walks around our neighborhood.


Research Assistants

Amanda Goodwin 

I grew up on the Kansas side of Kansas City, earned my B.S. in Psychology at the University of Central Missouri, then moved to Long Island, New York where I received a M.A. in Psychology at Adelphi University. During my graduate career, I worked extensively in an EEG lab at the City College of New York in Manhattan. I recently moved to the Nashville area to work for the Numerical Brain Lab! I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; my research interests include childhood trauma and its effect on the development of internalizing disorders in adolescence, specifically the manifestation of anxiety disorders; neurological and psychosomatic effects of trauma; and general manifestations of trauma in the body. I’m a passionate foodie, dog lover, true-crime podcast aficionado, and (as someone from the Great Plains) these Tennessee mountains are my newest obsession.

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Sharo Costa


I graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.S. in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience and Judaic Studies before attending Vanderbilt for my masters’ degree in International Education Policy, with a Certificate in Global Health. My research and career interests lie in the intersection of mental health and public policy, particularly in the K-12 sphere. In the near future, I hope to refine my research interests and pursue additional training in clinical, counseling, or school psychology. In my free time, I enjoy baking, having excessively drawn-out conversations with my aloe plant, Pavlov, and exploring Nashville’s hot chicken scene.



Olive enjoys grass, sticks, and belly rubs. She graces the lab with her presence daily and goes to the bathroom on her own terms. 

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Master's Research Assistants

Maryann Wanjau

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Undergraduate Research Assistants
Tony Terraciano
Leah Shelton


Eric D Wilkey

Past position: graduate student

Current Position: Post-Doc at the University of Western Ontario


Courtney Pollack

Past Position: Post-Doc

Current Position: Post-Doc at the Gabrieli Lab, MIT


Adam Kaminski

Past Position: Research Assistant

Current Position: Doctoral Student at Georgetown University




Lisa Venanzi

Past Position: Lab Manager/Project Coordinator

Current Position: Doctoral Student (Clinical Psychology) at Vanderbilt University




Ellen Andrews

Past Position: Neuroscience Honors Student

Kevin Sun

Past Position: Neuroscience Honors Student

Charles Neal

Past Position: Neuroscience Honors Student

Jordan Barone

Past Position: Neuroscience Honors Student

Gabby Freitag

Past Position: Neuroscience Honors Student