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Development of Symbolic Number Processing Brain Networks from Kindergarten to 2nd grade (SNP)


We seek to understand how children learn to process numbers and what parts of brain change as they do. We hope this research will help us better understand how we learn math, and help us to develop better ways of teaching math.


This study involves 2 visits to Vanderbilt a year for 3 years. The first visit consists of math and reading games and trips to our mock MRI scanner. The second visit consists of an MRI scan and additional math games. More about MRI here.

Check out our flip-book


Visit 1 = ~3 hours

Visit 2 = 2 hours






$50 and a toy for each lab visit

$100 bonus if all 6 visits are completed after 3 years

Who can participate?

We are finishing up the study and we are not actively recruiting participants at this time. 

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